Training And Placement

Industry Events @ Trine University

  • Mr Giridhara Madak, Chief Digital Officer of Altimetrik came to Trine University and mentored the Engineering students for various projects and guided them on how to get VC funds for their projects. He also had a session regarding the latest technologies like IOT and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Developers Weekend in Trine University on 21st and 22nd April 2018. Developer Weekend is a Not-For-Profit initiative to spread awareness about upcoming technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Chatbots etc. We aim to spread knowledge and awareness about technologies of the future so that people have equal opportunity to learn about the things that run the world – regardless of where they come from, where they live, or how “modern” their cities are. Knowledge can be harvested only when it is allowed to flow down to the deepest sections of the society, making them equally empowered as anyone else, while solving problems of local communities. The event witnessed distinguished speakers from the – professionals from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM among others.
  • Visit by WNS Talent Management Team at Trine University.
  • VP Talent Acquisition and GM Hiring of WNS visited Trine University in April and declared Trine University as the hub of all northeast India hiring events.

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