Trine Game Zone

buy Lyrica online overnight “All works and no play makes Jack a dull kid”. This saying features the significance of lively exercises throughout our life.

The Games and Sports board of trustees individuals and sports educator causes and urges understudies to take an interest in the ‘Yearly Sports Meet’ of the organization. Understudies take an interest in different contending sports exercises. The different brandishing exercises incorporate Athletics, Interdepartmental Volleyball Championship, Interdepartmental Basketball Championship, Table Tennis Championship, Carrom, Chess, and so on. The taking part understudies grandstand their wearing capacity through these meet.

Sports help enhance both physical and mental quality. Our body stays fit and sound.

Yearly school sports are held at the pre-decided time and spot. The onlookers of Annual games meet are the companions and relatives of the taking interest understudies. The understudies who didn’t inspire the chance to take an interest in the Annual Sports day additionally remain among the onlookers to help their most loved applicants.


Table Tennis:

2011-12 State level Table Tennis Champion.

2011-12 “Zone-1” Table Tennis Champion.

[Participating Team Members are Venkatesh C (ECE), Arjun R (CSE), Ankush Goyal(CSE) and Aftab Alam(IT)]


2011-12 “Zone-1” Football Tournament Semifinalist.

2011-12 and 2010-11 Surendra Institute of Engineering and Mgmt. Football Tournament Champion.


The coordinator of Inter College T 20 Cricket Championship “Zone-1”.

2011-12 Inter College T 20 Cricket Championship “Zone-1” Semifinalist.

2010-11 and 2011-12 State Cricket Tournament Runners Up.

Different Events:

011-12 “Zone-One” Basketball Tournament Semifinalists.

N R L Kumar B. Thapa chose the player of 2011-2012  Basketball Team

2011-12 “Zone-1” Long bounce Tournament Second Position.

Between Department Sports Activities:

Between office Tournament Championship on Cricket, Football and Basketball.

Individual Intra-montage competitions on Table Tennis and on Badminton.

In excess of 350 members partook in intra-depts. Sports Competition.

Between Organization Tournament:

Staff Cricket Tournament 2011-12(Vivekananda Challengers Trophy)

Champ Trine Faculty Team

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