About the Department

The division has current gear in its research centres in the fields of gadgets, TV, advanced hardware and microchips, the correspondence including optical correspondence and microwaves. Printers and other fringe gadgets are accessible in the PC research centre, notwithstanding different extra cards. The chip research facility of the division is furnished with microchip packs. All PC offices are made openly accessible to understudies.


The division has most recent innovation based PC frameworks which incorporate great processing offices. It has created distinctive PC research facilities relying upon various courses as indicated by the endorsed schedule of the college and gives equipment, programming and operational help required for the lab work. Every lab keeps up the satisfactory number of PCs and peripherals of most recent designs for the understudies. Practically every one of the research centres is furnished with PCs to give one-one help to the understudies for their lab work. The PCs are introduced with Linux/Windows working frameworks and application programming for directing the official research facility courses. The research facilities likewise have an assortment of another programming that incorporates different programming dialects, improvement situations, propelled instruments for illustrations, numerical processing and last year paper works. All PCs are associated with high-end organize (both wired and remote) and upheld by various fast devoted web availability.

Department Library

The division has set up its own library remembering the necessities of the understudies and showing obligations of the staff. It has a decent gathering of mechanical books just as of centre subjects in the field of software engineering and building. The library has a sorted out perusing space to give a perusing office to the understudies and instructors. Issuances of books are additionally given and are kept up appropriate records.

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